Speculative Philosophy and Practical Life

James Lowry, 79 pages. Price: $10.00

specModernity as a human phenomenon is an era of praxis, thought by its adherents to be perpetual. Practical action is assumed to always trump theoretical relation. Speculative Philosophy and Practical Life shows the futility of this hubris in the one area to which modern societies are most attached – the accumulation and enjoyment of wealth. In the most advanced societies this takes the form of pension funds. Pension funds are, afterall, the effort to establish, even to ensure, a Shangri-La – Work transformed by the accumulation and compounding of money into Play. In Speculative Philosophy and Practical Life Dr. Lowry shows that, even in what is considered most practical,the management of pension funds, a misunderstanding (really a practical innocence!) of the immutable relation of theory and practice must result in dysfunctional practice. The possibility of correcting this dysfunctionalism is fully explained in this small volume.

Excerpts of Speculative Philosophy and Practical Life: