James M. P. Lowry, BA, MA, PhD, CFA

Dr. Lowry, formerly Professor of Philosophy at St. Mary’s University, and of Classics and German at Dalhousie University, is presently Research Professor at the Dominican University College in Ottawa. His publications on the history and tradition of speculative philosophy include: Psyche and Cosmos; Reason and Religion; and Metaphysic and Dialectic. His seminal work, Mentaphysics,  is an original work of systematic speculative philosophy. Another original work, Spirit of the Ages, is now available in two volumes.

Dr Lowry is also President and founder of The Pallas Athena Corporation, an investment counsel firm. The company was begun in 1989. The company website may be found at: pallasathena.ca. 


Dr. Lowry’s philosophical books to date are: 

  • MENTAPHYSICS – The Life of Spirit as Love 
  • SPIRIT OF THE AGES: Thinking about Thinking – Perennial Problematics and Their Perennial Solution
  • Psyche and Cosmos 
  • Metaphysic and Dialectic 
  • Speculative Philosophy and Practical Life 
  • Reason and Religion 
  • The Logical Principles of Proclus’ Στοιχείωσιϛ Θειολογική as Systematic Ground of the Cosmos 

A description of each book that is currently in print maybe found on this website under the heading “Publications” on the banner above. All of the above publications with the exception of the work on Proclus are available at Amazon in the Kindle ebook format and in paperback and hardcover editions.


Dr. Lowry has been actively giving university level courses since 1969. He has given classes in philosophy, literature, history and mythology as well as in the Ancient Greek and German languages. Graduate courses over the years have included many topics. At the Dominican University College graduate seminars have included: 

  • The Mind of God 
  • Metaphysics and Religion 
  • Metaphysics and Politics 
  • Aristotle’s Metaphysics 
  • Aristotle’s DeAnima 
  • Plato’s Cosmology of Life 
  • Plato’s Parmenides and Aristotle’s Metaphysics
  • Aristotle and Neoplatonism 
  • Aristotle and Kant 
  • Aristotle and Darwin 

Descriptions of the above courses can be viewed on the Courses page.