Philosophy/Religion/Science = in common = reality not a matter of opinion = subjectivity is/must be a mirror of objectivity – the implication is that will must be subordinated to reason or perhaps better that it cannot “be” unreasonable.

Both Religion and Science are post-philosophical. Religion is not tautologous until it separates itself from philosophy – which requires a self-aware consciousness to do and this phenomenon does not appear until the appearance of philosophy. There is lots of empirical (ironic is it not) evidence. The anti-philosophers always (think Nietzsche and Heidegger his pupil) always want (think will) to go before philosophy and hate science. When co-opted by science they describe (think art) but do not actually think. There is no “why” only “how” – they are reduced to the language of science which is numbers and images (not yet ideas) – look at astrophysics at wavicles at ups and downs at particles as poetry – as unity gone multiple but multiple assumed as unity.

The skepticism at its root theoretically (not practically however) is due to ideas (as image) and numbers not being able to be only to describe – the result is subjectivity and dogmatism. How to get out – to think – you can begin by first being Parmenides as realizing that ex nihilo nihil fit is not the real start because (now think) any negation cannot be a starting point. Not-being is a better term than nihil because (think!) it contains being which is a starting point the starting point because (keep thinking) it is a positive – an actual – not a potential. The potential the possible is always from the point of reality not yet = not-being. Do you want to go on? What is Life and then what is Thought – must get through to Plato and Aristotle and then Neoplatonism. There is no other path this the actuality of thought which thinking is – but it tries to go beyond itself – to will what is not what is beyond – why? Because Being thinking wants to “make” being – and why is this – because initially it seems self-evident that change requires multiplicity and so the finite must not be more than one –  this is a necessary mistake – the mistake of number as prior to language when in math as only quantity it is the content of an imaginary language – the language of number.

And this leads to the next possible dead end – ideas as real. But (think! A thinker) they are not real but imaginary in the languages of thinkers – a being which is alive. In the actuality of a thinker thinking – being, life, and thought are one and many. The first understanding of this is born in the one religion which tries to think itself. And this is necessarily only possible as a Trinity which is the only possible possibility since all possibility is contained within it. And this must lead to Science since when the will and thought unify in the triad as actual personality the universe is born from eternity – which (when it is thought not just revealed) bcomes the necessity of materiality and ideality as reality. But the Science does not know this – it believes there is only the universe as matter and then we have its reality but cleft from itself and so we revert to anti-philosophy and anti-religion and the race to the bottom begins only to end in a pragmatism no longer pragmatic – an inability for self-reference and mind as belief (theoretically – please think) in unbelief.

The circle of life of reality of being of thought turns – humans can turn with it or not – but the nihil is always possible as a proof of impossibility. So – will you choose to think? or you “will” not “be”. Coincidence or luck?