The ELEUTHERIA PHILOSOPHY SERIES is dedicated to original work in speculative philosophy. Such work is integral to the ongoing development of the speculative philosophical tradition, which began with the Ancient Greeks and continues in an unbroken line to the present.

Each Volume in the Philosophy Series is typeset and formatted with line numbering for ease of reference. In addition, all volumes have a concordance as an aid for study and discussion.

All of the books are available on Amazon in both hardcover and paperback editions, and as Kindle ebooks.


An original and systematic work of speculative philosophy. The title itself, although suggestive of the traditional term “metaphysics”, indicates a knowledge that does not simply transcend physics but rather unites the mental and physical aspects of spirit. Spirit, which is the ultimate principle in this treatise, is the comprehensive living reality of which mentaphysics is the theoretical exposition. The main body of the text is a detailed elaboration of this principle. As a contemporary work of speculative philosophy MENTAPHYSICS is intended to provide the framework and underlying principles of philosophical inquiry and reflection. At the same time it is a scholarly re-interpretation of the history of philosophy and culture. As such MENTAPHYSICS is both a continuation of and an addition to the speculative traditions of the East and the West.

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Spirit of the Ages

An original work of speculative philosophy. The full title – Spirit of the Ages: thinking about thinking – perennial problematics and their perennial solution is intended to convey that a complete philosophical system must enclose all possibilities of time within eternity – and all possible beings within actual existence. As a companion to Mentaphysics as pure theory, Spirit of the Ages traces the whole journey of humankind from its pre-conceptual consciousness in the mystic life of other beings through the temporal linearity of the discovery of philosophy, religion and science as the only possible theoreticals. Grounded not in the imagination but in the solid empirical experience of lives actually lived – of time fueled by the ethereal chords of instantiation – Spirit of the Ages uncovers the alembic bond fusing the mortality and necessity of the linear temporality of actual human experience with the wonder of its encirclement by the immortal reality of existence as unquenchably Good.

Note for Readers: We recommend that you purchase both volumes of Spirit of the Ages together as the Table of Contents (1st vol), the Greek Words and Phrases and the Concordance (2nd vol) cover both volumes. Also the Preface, Prolegomena, Introduction (1st vol) and Sigla (2nd vol) will help you to see how the different sections of Spirit of the Ages are integrated with one another and how the whole is systematically related to Mentaphysics. The work has been divided into two volumes in order to provide you with print of a comfortable size and volumes that are easy to use. The Table of Contents may be seen here (PDF).

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