The nemesis of “contradiction” hangs down like a curtain over the whole history and conception of human thought about itself and about the phenomenon of thinking itself. Since thinking is the only self-referential action conscious of itself as subject and object and itself it is itself the keystone of philosophy as the theoretical aware of itself as the keystone of the only two other possible theoreticals – religion and science, its self-understanding is the key itself to the theoretical lock of the universe as the actuality of the three – of the very possibility of idealism and materialism as limited  – as in themselves merely possible.

Contradiction is a verbal limit – a claim to being impossible because its self-reference is self-cancelling – a nothing – nihil itself – but nihil (think) is not an itself. A contradiction requires a duality – a something and its negation. But a negation requires a positive to negate. What is this positive? It is a tautology – a something – a subject which is itself – linguistically the same as itself – a one as subject – but as object a triad – a subject, a “is” (think “being”) and predicate(s) which are the same as the subject.  So – there is in a tautology a difference which is not indifferent but the same. This whole problematic has remained a mystery since the first claims of Aristotle that without an understanding of the impossibility of contradiction as shutting out the possibility of anything other than non-contradiction there can be no language and so no truth. And further without truth there can “be” no beings. This seems self-evidently plausible and not open to contradiction. To contradict non-contradiction would make definition impossible – ultimately it would overturn any possibility of thinking.

There are many further implications to all this – no Language would be possible – this includes ideas and numbers and music – any possible language at all. Being itself (Parmenides) ideality (Plato) numbers (Pythagoras) are gone. See – the stakes are as high as stakes can go. The obvious course is capitulation. Which is what all seem to have to do – otherwise there are no theoreticals – philosophy/religion/science are caput. 

But we must explore further – much further. In every case the deepest proponents of the theoreticals have denied this holy principle while at the same time claiming to ahere to it! Which is, of course, (think about it) impossible. Right? Well, let us see. Evidence? 

In Philosophy = the Neoplatonists go beyond Being beyond Life beyond Thought – The One cannot be spoken of.

In Religion = God is beyond our comprehension – God is not subject to kataphatic or apophatic theology. He is a “coincidence of opposites” – from Neoplatonism! Try revelation = the true doctrines must be revealed – they are beyond the forming of human thought = why? Because of discursiveness – because there is ‘no many’ theme even though there is 3 as well as 1. The way out – a mystery in the true sense – μυστήριον.

In Science = at best Science is abandoned because for it there is no God – no teleology – its theoretical is safe. Really? What is the first positive – Well it is beyond the laws of physics. OK what are the laws – well they are only approximations – the “thing in itself” is not a number or an idea – they are only useful tools – they work. Yes. But there can be no contradiction. Really? Energy and Mass are convertible but then are different – like waves and particles – like matter and anti-matter. Yes But = matter and anti-matter cancel each other – See? But radiation is one and without asymmentry there is no universe nor conversion which is our evidence. Evidence of what? This is beyond Being, Life, and Thought when you try to “think” them. 

So far the “three theoreticals” are rabbit holes, and down we go with nothing to hold on to and we blame thinking and turn to willing and doing and feeling and luck and chance and – first name calling and then killing – that is (keep thinking) negation – and this is the “keystone” = A negation is not – cannot be self-referential – ex nihilo nihil fit – is not first. What is first? Being is first. Being cannot not be (Parmenides) – The beginning of thinking but only because Being has no beginning – I am that I am – the singularity. Oh no – we are back to tautology – Imagine that – no, do not “imagine” – think – try (will) to think – to be actual – to exist – to be θαυμάσιος – (look it up!) 

We are finally after three thousand years beginning to see the light – (let there be light). But to see it we must go back (the Mount – C2 – Λ or Γ) and back to go forward.

We will take Logic, λογος, to its roots so we can grasp being and thought and life. We know the synthesis (called contradiction) is a triad of subject/is/object which is a self-negation where the is “is not”. Take it apart (analyze). Each part is the same as itself – is a tautology – a singularity – as a contradiction it collapses into itself – a clue = infinity is impossible – when was this first understood and why has it been forgotten – what does this mean = it means a contradiction is impossible because it is merely can only be merely potential. What is potential – the potential is pure possibility but it is not actual not existing. You can say it imagine it but you cannot instantiate it. 

Yet there are problems. There is change and evil – there is becoming and passing away – but then there would be not-being. But astonishment – we exist, we live, there is a universe – the line is commensurate as hypotenuse – the diagonal is actual – music is heard – Achilles catches up to the tortoise and passes – calculation (think vis fractions and so so small) works. How so – numbers and ideas are not actual – only beings are actual – thinkers are alive – they are animated. 

“Knowledge is of universals but only individuals exist”. Being is not nihil – not not-being. Individuals exist – but not Being. Individuals exist – but they are not knowable. They are tautologies (think – Ding an sich) they appear to language to be non-contradictions. We need better language better understanding – a contradiction is a tautology – otherwise: Contradiction is a tautology – but so is a tautology a tautology – think! – the infinite is containment – contradiction is contained. Think the “third hypothesis” – the instant (ἐξαίϕνης) – transition – reconciliation – resolution. There is One – One in Three – Three as One – One as Three. Actuality contains possibility as potentiality. Potentiality δύναμις = is possibility but also power (by δύναμις of the Holy Spirit). 

The mitochondria fuels the man. The double helix is resolved by its ladders = they seek each other. The keystone holds all the stones. The Whole is its Parts – the parts are part of the Whole – the Whole is One – each part is one – the parts are many – together they are the individual – the individual exists. 

But how is possibility power – how indeed. The student is not the teacher. The teacher does not always teach. The teacher was a student. The teacher presently is not teaching. Still a teacher? Will teach tomorrow. Then a teacher. Think the universe. Be astonished. 

Chance? Just happened? Eternal? In Time? Think. Be astonished. The three theoreticals are together not just How – also Why? Why? Without How = potential. How without Why = impossible. Actuality (έντελέχια = ἐνεργεία ἀτελής) = intelligibility. Eternity contains Time. Both are eternal – like Whole and Parts – a circular linearity – all lines contained all possible lines – no possibility no circularity – Only theoretically – but there is Existence – this is the evidence the elephant and the room. Wake up – be astonished. This is the evidence the παναρμόνιος cannot be neglected. Time cannot begin or end nor eternity but they are not the same but then they are (same? different?). Read again. 

The theoretical is only possibility – it needs power and this is Being Actual, Living and Thinking – the Theoretical and the Practical are both finite (atemporal? Or temporal?) Again – be astonished.