A newly discovered pathway

The ultimate root of philosophy is the discovery of “mentaphysics” as the unique dialectical relation of philosophy, religion and science. We must not think of dialectic as known before the completion of the linear temporal instantiation of the three theoreticals. This new unique dialectic is not a dialectic which revolves around two opposites infinitely circling or a synthesis of two into one and then into two without residue – no, the dialectic here now discovered, is of a triad the members of which are not reducible one to the other but which are nevertheless unalienable eternal aspects of One Being Living Spirituality – a triad not only unified but distinct in its members – thus a quadricity which is one and three. This is to describe it linguistically – but the reality of it – as the heartbeat of the only possible universe – τὸ πᾶν as equally τὰ πάντα – is to know it mentaphyisically as “the Life of Spirit as Love”.

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