As pointed out above to really appreciate the Mentaphysics text will require a great deal of study in many fields. While this section could be greatly expanded it will suffice as a beginning to mention the texts most important to master both as a beginning and later as an end. Obviously the original languages involved would be very helpful. While they are by no means a sufficient condition they are ultimately a necessary one. Accuracy in philosophical study as in any other is important; and, perhaps even more important, is that each must make philosophical study their own in the universal sense that immediacy of minds is preferable to mediation by another. With these caveats in hand the following may be stated: 


  • Parmenides: fragments 
  • Parmenides dialogue: Plato 
  • First Philosophy [Metaphysics]: Aristotle 
  • Elements of Theology: Proclus 


  • Iliad: Homer 
  • Bible: esp. –  Gospel of John and Book of Revelation 
  • Nicene Creed  
  • Proslogion: Anselm 
  • Summa Theologiae: Aquinas 


  • Novum Organum: Bacon 
  • Critique of Pure Reason: Kant 
  • Origin of Species: Darwin 
  • Interpretation of Dreams: Freud 
  • The Education of Henry Adams: Henry Adams 

Texts somewhat analogical to Mentapysics are Proclus’ Elements of Theology and Hegel’s Encyclopedia though in different ways.  

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