Mentaphysics is a closed open system that mirrors the Mind/Body/Spirit of God and the Universe – of the possible actual of the actually possible – absolutely. It is the theoretical of the three theoreticals and there are no more and no others possible. Actuality is the containment of possibility.

A segue to the triadic equality of the contrariety of the persons of the Trinity as also One eternally and therefore at the same time and thus a tautology and a contradiction is in order – There is no possibility of a theoretical refutation from without here since the without is always and eternally the One (Mentaphysics) which is also the triadicity of Religion {Father} Science {Son} Philosophy {Holy Spirit}. There is (are) no other places(s) on which to stand. Any effort at refutation will be religious, scientific, or philosophical butthis is impossible since there is no theoretical hierarchy in the triadic equality nor the possibility of any reductionism. Thus the absolute and perfect explication that is Mentaphysics – it is a final understanding simply because it mirrors the fact of existence as self-referential which means not only essence but also accidents – necessity but also contingency – order but also chaos – teleology but also randomness – the infinite always present but eternally contained– time always within eternity – space never without time – and thus Not-Being always – Being.

God always wins – which is to say nothing stands opposed = there – is – only – God but then God is three – not just Mind but Body and Love – this is the Good itself as objective – evil is always eternally overcome.

The problematic for us is that the problem is not in what is but is insofar as we imagine that what is not either is or ought to be. Lucifer – to take Jesus up to the mount and make false promises that cannot be carried out. Jesus did not make the mistake of Eve because he knew – he did not believe or wish or imagine. The struggle of the three theoreticals is the historicity of mankind over thousands of years coming to grips with reality through the hardness of experience and suffering – and the promise is that this opens the door at last to the Reality of What Is.

Another segue – the first great commandment is to love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart and with all thy Soul and with all thy Mind – and the second is like unto it – thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself – on these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets. Here we have God and the Creation. The Creation is the Neighborhood of God, his love creates and sustains it and brings his own nature to full actuality when he sees it as Good – as like himself. And it is bound together eternally with Him in Love and the two are Spirit – which when understood divinely is a triadic unitary relation – all possibility all not-being all chaos all contingency all chance all randomness is eternally present and overcome. These negations are all necessary for existence for δύναμις (potential) to be ἐνέργεια (actual) and to be the goodness – to be ἐντελέχεια (complete actuality). For the τὸ πᾶν (the universe) cannot be governed badly. Existence actually is – essence is fulfilled by the energy of matter which is never simply not – change, motion, power, conception (mental and physical) eternally is in Time and there is Light and Being and Rest – and the Seventh Day is also the First Day and the First the Seventh through the reality of the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth days – why the Angels sing Hallelujah!

Another segue – that is not just religious hope – but the present is in the existence of the empirical – the longing to go beyond belief lies in the trust in the senses – but these proofs are endless and so the theory of their practice, of Science, cannot rest at the door of the mundane but the trust leads inevitably (teleologically), ineluctably, alembicly to the intelligibility of its origin in the mind of god or in the actuality of its not being able to not Be and thus Philosophy is born in the manger of Life.

Further segue – law and prophets – (Exodus and Leviticus) – the mundane and the transcendental – the darkness and the light. Creation is God’s Neighbor and His love of self is his love of Creation and we are to love our neighbor as does God through loving ourselves as the creatures of God which means loving the whole creation – the stewardship of the divine – God makes and sustains – we in imitating this love ourselves. And this loving is the allness of self in heart, soul and mind without reservation – and this is also Religion, Science, and Philosophy – the three theoretically as living actuality – and God is All is One but One is Many and Many is One. But – there is difference and sameness – Only through Mentaphysics can this be known. Three is One and One Three – There is Nothing Else – there is only Good there and there is only there there! Enjoy – at last! The laws and the prophets – intelligibility and imagination are one – tears are swept away and the wolf lies down with the lamb and the child walks on the rainbow bridge and the light shines in the darkness and darkness is no more.