The purpose of the AILOUROS website is to promote the study of Speculative Philosophy and to encourage its further and perennial development. Speculative philosophy is used here to mean that aspect of philosophy which is really the core of all philosophy. Sometimes it is referred to as “metaphysics” but that is a term which does not do justice to the scope, difficulty and merit of speculative philosophy. At Ailouros the contention is that the intellectual self-understanding of humanity has reached an historic crossroads that actually, for the first time, transcends its history. The first working out of this unprecedented happening is to be found in MENTAPHYSICS: the Life of Spirit as Love – the work of speculative philosophy by Dr. James Lowry first published in 1978. A second revised edition, including an Introduction, Sigla and Concordance was published in 1995. A new edition is available as a Kindle ebook and as a paperback. This edition can be purchased in both formats on

A companion speculative philosophical work: SPIRIT OF THE AGES: Thinking about Thinking – Perennial Problematics and Their Perennial Solution is now available in two volumes. In Spirit of the Ages Dr. Lowry traces the actuality of humankind’s intellectual achievement during its many thousands of years journey- linking all the stages of humanity’s developing awareness from the pre-consciousness of its earliest awakening to its present self-­concentration. For the first time the teleology of this adventure is disclosed by laying bare the dialectical relation between its macrocosmic phenomenological structure and its microcosmic historical instantiation. These new volumes are published in the Eleutheria Philosophical Series both as Kindle ebooks and as paperbacks.