Eternity etching enfolding
Time leaving traces
On pathways not trod
Golden braid linking
Surrounding Heaven and Earth
Breathing reproducing
Equations everywhere
Looking not seeing
Running resting walking
Waking now wondering
Seeking not finding but only
Finding if seeking – ending
If starting – not starting
Not ending yet starting
And ending not starting
Between – a link a trace to
Somewhere not nowhere
Everywhere is somewhere
Language and number symbol
Signs posts signposts
Our ends are shaped
Not how we will
Our eyes like bats in daylight
Our looking not seeing
Everything in everything not
Anything but something its
Own being making wonderful
Existing essence in life
Living and breathing itself
Oxygen and carbon
Carbon oxygen in
Meeting not meeting
Sorrow makes the man
The Rainbow appears
Traces everywhere invisible
And then seen being
Find the golden braid
Follow it and the One
Becomes Three and then
Four and One again
Turned into symbol but
Unique in every instance
Bearing existing actual
Wonder experienced
Beyond any experience