Metaphysic and Dialectic

James Lowry, 81 pages. Price: $10.00

metaThe highest activity of which mankind is capable is thinking – specifically thinking about thinking. Even though this thought has a history, it has never been clearly understood.. This is because both dialectic and thinking can be either only partly understood or be thought in various forms of incompleteness. The result of these various forms of misunderstanding has many consequences for metaphysics, which is impossible without dialectic – which is its native form. In Metaphysic and Dialectic both the history and the theory of this problematic is fully comprehended and through its accuracy shows how Mentaphysics is their proper and actual unity.

Excerpts from Metaphysic and Dialectic:

Reason and Religion

James Lowry, 98 pages. Price: $15.00

reasReason and Religion is divided into two parts: the first is theoretical, the second practical. Theory – religion popularly understood is an ultimate emotional response to mankind’s longed for relation to the Absolute. Faith in God claims to transcend Reason. Modern Science, in claiming to overcome Religion as superstition, is a false champion of reason as it is tied to the noose of materiality as ideal. Practice – in the second part of Reason and Religion Dr. Lowry shows the absolute relation between theory and practice by providing a philosophical commentary to the Christian liturgy. Liturgy is the practical act of mediation in which mankind is raised from Earth to Heaven, from mortality to immortality – a Prefiguration in Time of an ultimate Transformation to Eternity.

Excerpts from Reason and Religion:

Psyche and Cosmos

James Lowry, 167 pages. Price: $18.00

psyPsyche and Cosmos has for its theme the perennial ineluctable human desire to know the origin and end of mankind – of self. Science and religion are understood to be the immediate and opposite efforts to fulfill this desire. The requirement that they be mediated by philosophy, by thinking as ultimate activity, is shown forth in Psyche and Cosmos with spiritual clarity and lucidly accurate historical learning. The inevitable result must be mentaphysics.

Excerpts of Psyche and Cosmos:

Speculative Philosophy and Practical Life

James Lowry, 79 pages. Price: $10.00

specModernity as a human phenomenon is an era of praxis, thought by its adherents to be perpetual. Practical action is assumed to always trump theoretical relation. Speculative Philosophy and Practical Life shows the futility of this hubris in the one area to which modern societies are most attached – the accumulation and enjoyment of wealth. In the most advanced societies this takes the form of pension funds. Pension funds are, afterall, the effort to establish, even to ensure, a Shangri-La – Work transformed by the accumulation and compounding of money into Play. In Speculative Philosophy and Practical Life Dr. Lowry shows that, even in what is considered most practical,the management of pension funds, a misunderstanding (really a practical innocence!) of the immutable relation of theory and practice must result in dysfunctional practice. The possibility of correcting this dysfunctionalism is fully explained in this small volume.

Excerpts of Speculative Philosophy and Practical Life: