James Lowry, 288 pages. Price: $25.00

MENTAPHYSICS is an original and systematic work of speculative philosophy. The title itself, although suggestive of the traditional term “metaphysics”, indicates a knowledge that does not simply transcend physics but rather unites the mental and physical aspects of spirit. Spirit, which is the ultimate principle in this treatise, is the comprehensive living reality of which mentaphysics is the theoretical exposition. The main body of the text is a detailed elaboration of this principle. As a contemporary work of speculative philosophy MENTAPHYSICS is intended to provide the framework and underlying principles of all philosophical inquiry and reflection. At the same time it is a scholarly re interpretation of the history of philosophy and culture. As such MENTAPHYSICS is both a continuation of and an addition to the speculative traditions of the East and the West.

Excerpts from Mentaphysics: