Volume IX Number 2

Ottawa, Canada

Fall 1997

Message from the President

Francis Peddle

This issue of ELEUTHERIA contains a series of book reviews by Peter McCormick on Japanese philosophy and culture, and a piece by myself on Kant’s “Amphiboly of the Con­cepts of Reflection.” Next year will be the tenth anniversary of the publication of ELEU-­THERIA . The Board of Directors has decided to publish a bound copy of all ten volumes, or twenty issues, with an introductory essay on the role of speculative philosophy in moder­nity. Those members wishing to order copies in advance should contact the Institute as only a limited number will be published.

* * *

The Dominican College of Philosophy and Theology, where James Lowry and myself are professors, recently inaugurated a Ph.D. program in philosophy. We think this program is unique in its concentration on the history of philosophy, the theory of the history of philosophy, metaphysics, value theory and philosophical anthropology. The description states that “the programme is designed so that the more traditional history of philosophy courses tie in with the theory of the history of philosophy courses and so that both will intersect with themes in metaphysics.” For more information about the Ph.D. program please contact the Chairperson of the Philosophy Department, Gabor Csepregi at (613) 233-5696. The Dominican College will celebrate its centenary in the year 2000.

As reported in the last issue the Internet is rapidly becoming a vast storehouse of information on philosophy. It now provides access to all the major texts of our philosophical and cultural traditions. We will regularly update our readership on philosophical resources on the Internet that are of particular interest to speculative philosophy and the objectives of the Institute. A particularly useful site is a hypertext version of Norman Kemp Smith’s translation of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason at http://www. arts.cuhk. edu.hk/Philosophy/Kant/cpr. This web site is especially valuable for scholars, and those engaged in graduate work on Kant, because it allows for word searches of the English text. Another excel­lent site, organized by topic, with links to an extensive range of philosophical information, is Philosophy in Cyberspace at http://www.personal.monash.edu.au/~dey/phil/index.htm. As any user of the Internet knows once you get on-line you can go just about anywhere with enough persistence. I encourage mem­bers who utilize the Internet to send us via E-mail their web site recommendations.

* * *

With the Fall issue of ELEUTHERIA we once again enclose our annual request for member­ship renewal. If anyone has professional questions about charitable donations for the Institute, or about how to contribute to the Institute’s Endowment Fund, they should contact me.